American Man finds love, marriage and betrayal with a Filipina (2)

"If it’s a Filipina, if it’s a white girl or somebody from any other race or any other part of the world, I had already learned the hard way that you really don’t know…you just don’t know." In our final interview with Belldon Colme for this series, he shares how he met his current partner, …

American Man finds love, marriage and betrayal with a Filipina

I'm not a judgemental person so I didn’t judge all Filipinos based on my experience but at the same time it was pretty obvious that I was experiencing the horror story that people talked about. I was actually warned about that but I didn’t believe that, I never thought that I’d be part of that …

Brown Skin White Minds All things white and beautiful

Colonial Mentality is an internalized self-perception that all things "American", "Western", and "white", are better than all things "Filipino", "Asian", or "brown". CM is pervasive among Filipinos, both in the Philippines and among Fil-Ams.

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