Effe Barker is a former show Host and Producer for UGNAYAN, a digital show at LA18, a television with multilingual programming providing news, sports, drama and entertainment to the largest U.S. Asian market – composed of over 2.5 million Asian consumers. Ugnayan incorporates political, economic, and general knowledge, offering viewers a better understanding of complex issues by breaking them down into bite-size chunks. These weekly one-to-two-minute presentations are an educational, informative, and fun way for members of the Fil-Am community to better understand their adopted country, the United States of America.

News Analysis

I was just a child…

I’ve stripped myself. I am now naked, embarrassed. Gone is the formerly fun, noisy, and bubbly Effe. How can I bring myself back? I will never again be looked at the same way. I will forever be labeled as someone who was abused. It’s been two weeks since I published my #metoo story, and I […]

Brown Skin White Minds All things white and beautiful

Colonial Mentality is an internalized self-perception that all things “American”, “Western”, and “white”, are better than all things “Filipino”, “Asian”, or “brown”. CM is pervasive among Filipinos, both in the Philippines and among Fil-Ams.

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PMJ: The musical time machine

  Musician Scott Bradlee’s motto is “Everything new can be old again.” He proves it every time he performs, including at one of Los Angeles’ swankiest nightclubs. Bradlee takes the best of popular music and twists, distorts or repackages it to transport his audiences back in time. He does it by reinterpreting the biggest pop […]

Deep soul music with Kazoo and Ukelele

  From guitar, to piano, to ukelele, and kazoo, Alfa Garcia, a rising musician, singer and songwriter can play different instruments – and in different genres. Her raspy voice has a wide range, from folk to pop, and has drawn comparisons to Jewel, Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles. Born in the Philippines, raised in New […]

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Hiking with Effe

My Inspiration Hike

I had bruises and scratches. That was the highlight of my 11 mile hike last year, during the Winter at Inspiration Point. I was taking photos with my iphone when I tripped on the hill on our way back down. I was unaware what hiking entails, let alone an eleven mile hike. I just knew […]

Effe’s World

Stop Pretending. Do it willingly

How to cope with an aging parent   Day 2: Do it willingly   Taking care of an aging parent is one of the most emotionally difficult things a person can experience. In my initial entry for this series I promised to share with you my experience and the things I have learned in taking […]


Brave Heart I was in Edinvrgh!

Who could forget the movie of the century, Brave Heart? It’s the first thing we think of when we hear the word Scotland. It was my favorite movie when I was in high school. I never thought I could visit this place – not even in my wildest dreams. It was Spring of 2013 when […]

Oh my Milan Piazza Doumo

“Uno Americano por favor,” I was not really sure if I said it correctly but I think I  managed to communicate what I wanted to order. With the very little Italian word that I know, the cafe attendant smiled at me and giggled. I love Italians, they are very warm people, despite their country is very […]

Sinigang in Dublin

Sinigang in Dublin A tale of meeting fellow Filipinos in Dublin, Ireland It was late afternoon on my last day in Dublin when unexpectedly I met a very sweet couple from a town nearby to my hometown. After a daylong tour, I was hungry because I hadn’t eaten any good food since I left Eindhoven […]

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