Effe Barker self produced an online talk show called Effe Barker, HUMAN INTEREST. Effe is a former digital show host and producer for KSCI TV-LA18. She specializes in
personality profiles: she interviews people with varied professions, from doctors, to
janitors, to ministers, front desk receptionists and parking attendants. She is also very
passionate about social justice issues, such as sexual harassment, immigrant rights,
and homelessness, as well as human interest stories in general.

News Analysis

I was just a child…

I’ve stripped myself. I am now naked, embarrassed. Gone is the formerly fun, noisy, and bubbly Effe. How can I bring myself back? I will never again be looked at the same way. I will forever be labeled as someone who was abused. It’s been two weeks since I published my #metoo story, and I […]

Brown Skin White Minds All things white and beautiful

Colonial Mentality is an internalized self-perception that all things “American”, “Western”, and “white”, are better than all things “Filipino”, “Asian”, or “brown”. CM is pervasive among Filipinos, both in the Philippines and among Fil-Ams.

Loyal viewers saddened by end of LA’s only asian station

“This closure feels like death. Unlike divorce or breaking up a relationship you know that the person still lives or goes on with life but this is something that you will never see again.”


In the US theological community there is a common perception that enrollment in US theological schools has declined since the recession began, that the decline is ongoing, and that this decrease in enrollment is a crisis for US churches. It is feared that the decrease will lead to a shortage of pastors and threaten the […]

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