Old-Media vs New-Media

In “Old-Media Values in New-Media Venues” Bob Cohn, of The Atlantic, argues that old media forms and styles are being incorporated into new media platforms. Cohn describes the early days of new media as a time when anything went, it was loosely edited, and people held it to a lesser standard than old media. At … Continue reading Old-Media vs New-Media

Peace Treaty Endangered By Aquino’s Worst Crisis 

Philippine President Benigno Aquino III is facing a political crisis that threatens to ruin his presidency because of his role in a disastrous operation by Philippine police commandos to arrest a notorious al-Qaeda linked terrorist.  "This is Aquino's biggest political crisis," Ramon Casiple, executive director of the Manila-based Institute of Political and Electoral Reform, told … Continue reading Peace Treaty Endangered By Aquino’s Worst Crisis