Veteran journalist David Haldane, his wife Ivy Haldane and her parents talk candidly about the taboos and stereotypes surrounding marriages between older American men and young Filipinas.

David and Ivy Haldane

My years-long work writing about marriages between American men and     Filipinas culminated in this four-part series aired on Los Angeles’ Channel 18, an over-the-air network whose programming is devoted to Asian-Americans, including the Filipino community. I did all of the behind-the-scene heavy lifting for this series, arranged all of the interviews, and coordinated the production for KCSI-Channel 18 and its “Kababayan Today” program, a daily show devoted to Filipinos and taped in Tagalog and English and, in the case of this series, Ivy’s parents gave a plain spoken account of their perception of David and Ivy’s relationship.

Hosting the show is longtime and distinguished anchor, G Tongi, for whom it was a delight to work and from whom I learned much. I received an associate-producer credit.

The program aired June 29, 2015, and prompted many thoughtful comments on social media. It can be difficult to get such couples and their families to talk candidly about the taboos and stereotypes surrounding marriages between older American men and young Filipinas. But our series provided viewers with frank discussion from one such couple and the parents of the Filipina bride, including the parents’ initial misgivings about how their daughter from a rural village wanted to marry an American man who was 34 years older than her and even a few years older than the parents themselves.

Ivy Sumando-Haldane is a Filipina from Surigao, who met David Haldane, an older American journalist in the United States, on an online dating website, where their love for one another traversed the long distance between them and resulted in a marital union that bore them a son. In this four-part special, Ivy, David, and Ivy’s parents Manuel & Delia, discuss the relationship, which is something that society often considers as controversial.

“Kababayan Today” is America’s FIRST and ONLY daily talk show for and about the Filipinos! It provides a platform for discussion of significant issues from light lifestyle to serious news topics by giving exceptional coverage and interviews of distinguished personalities. It is the nations longest running locally – produced daily program that provides resources relevant to Filipino-Americans here in the U.S.


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