Where’s the monster in Lochness Inverness?

what’s the significance of this infamous Loch ness? It is the home of the Loch Ness Monster (also known as “Nessie”). Did I see the Nessie? Did it show up because I was there? I would not wish it did! I would’ve prolly ran as fast as I can and never look back!

Travelling with Effe

Even my hairs we’re shivering when I arrived at Inverness. I was surprised to see a soccer game going on across from my hostel. How did these boys manage to play at 37°F? I guess they’re used to it since they are from that area?

For a second, I was perplexed when my friend told me we were going to stay in Inverness. If you have been to Point Reyes in Northern California you would have gone by a little town called Inverness. I thought for a second which one was the copycat? I later found though that like many other places in the US they were named for places in the UK – like Cambria or Plymouth, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard of some places named Wessex or Sussex!

So why Inverness? Well, for one we needed to rest before traveling again to Edinburgh, two, we…

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