Welcome to my World

I am a storyteller, and my story must be told.

I’m glad you’re here. It means we are a lot alike. We are both interested in current events, famous personalities, gossip, entertainment, politics, business, and religion. In other worlds, we are both interested in our society.

Neither of us can avoid talking about our leaders, the government, and the effects of their actions. We’re obsessed with the lives of celebrities, and the value of our money. All of this fascinates me.


In this blog I will post an  occasional record of what’s going on in my life; things that inspire me, upset me, and annoy me, and other random thoughts about what is going on in the world.

I came from a very religious household. I was literally born and raised in a church. My father was a Presbyterian minister and my mother was a college instructor. My two siblings are not at all alike: one followed in my father’s footsteps, and is a Presbyterian minister and educator, while my other brother is a successful lawyer in our home town in the Philippines. My father told me  that, because he was a minister, we should not live like other people – we should try to  be better than them. That was stamped into my brain since I was a girl.

mom  daddy


My ex-husband taught history, government, and economics, which is how I became interested in politics. I consume political news and commentary daily, and I can’t imagine anyone not doing the same, especially recently.

I am Effe Barker, and I love what I do.





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