My Inspiration Hike

I had bruises and scratches. That was the highlight of my 11 mile hike last year, during the Winter at Inspiration Point.

I was taking photos with my iphone when I tripped on the hill on our way back down. I was unaware what hiking entails, let alone an eleven mile hike. I just knew I needed to go out.

I was broken hearted that’s why I went to hike. My friend invited me months before to go hiking with a group, “Hiking with Friends”, but back then i was busy. Now, I had a good reason to go, and also I thought it would be a chance to see new places and take photos.

It took 8 hours to finish the hike, which started at 7 AM. It was fun, I mean who would not enjoy seeing the sun rise out of the clouds. It was spectacular, and despite the long hike I didn’t get tired until the 5th hour. For the most part I was sang while hiking and would only occasionally stop when I saw the coordinator, Effin Gentry, take a photo.

At the fifth hour I started to wear out. I felt like I had a foundation on my face because of the dust, I felt so filthy. Many times during the hike I felt like giving up. However, aside from abiding by the group’s rule to follow the group til the end of the hike, I also didn’t want to be a burden. So, I persevered. Occasionally, I asked the coordinator how far we were and he kept saying we were close – just another 15 minutes. At first I believed him, but as the time passed I realized that a dozen “15 minutes” had passed. I asked again and again ,and the same answer was given, until finally I realized we were nowhere near the finish line. It was his way of encouraging us to not give up.

Hiking makes me think a lot but the long hike made me feel like it was a trip to Jericho — it was never ending. Hiking is a journey; so is life, long and painstaking. You will meet people along the way. Some stay, some go. You experience many challenges, most of which you survive, but there are also times when you don’t have the strength to keep going.

We were almost done with our hike, and I was taking photos when I tripped on a rock. As I fell I was scared, and my legs gave out. I’m just glad I didn’t hit my head or face on the ground. Had my friend Ricardo not pulled me back I would’ve fallen down the hill. My friend Faye rushed to the rescue — no wonder her backpack was heavy because she had all kinds of first aid with her.

It made me think its just like life, when you fall there are really people who are willing to help. Now I have a story to tell…I could definitely say I went on a hike!

After the bruises, cuts and scratches, you’d think it would be my last but it was just the beginning of my journey as a hiker.

Now, am I still broken hearted? The cuts and bruises, are gone. The mountains became my best friend, and hiking healed the pain.


  1. Patricia lopez says:

    What a beautiful story , few of us can relate to this story. We fall and we get up and we keep going. Thank you for posting this.


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