Oh my Milan Piazza Doumo

“Uno Americano por favor,” I was not really sure if I said it correctly but I think I  managed to communicate what I wanted to order. With the very little Italian word that I know, the cafe attendant smiled at me and giggled.

I love Italians, they are very warm people, despite their country is very touristy they still manage to smile at tourists like me. Although I must admit I do not introduce myself as an American, when I travel especially in Paris I always introduce myself as a Filipino. Ask me why and my answer is people tend to be more friendly to me if I say I am Filipino as opposed to an American.

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So I got my cafe Americano, I sat down the little table staring at the various types of bread displayed on the glass shelf and I, of course recognized their staff are mostly Filipinos. I’m not surprised though I know there are always Filipinos where ever I go. Due to lack of jobs, Filipinos leave the country and work abroad. They say there’s even Filipinos in the North Pole carrying gifts for Santa Claus 🙂

With the little time that I spent in Milan I was able to squeeze in my busy schedule to see Piazza Doumo which has some of the most prestigious commercial activities, and it is by far the foremost tourist attraction of the city.


I couldn’t afford to purchase anything in Louis Vuitton or Gucci so I just stood up there looked at the magnificent ceiling as I was in awe like a kid who just receive a candy. Despite the sprinkle I was still able to get my signature jump photo and enjoyed the pigeons. However, the presence of vendors along the church was very inconvenient. At first they try to give me grains of rice to feed the pigeons but their real intention was really to sell something but I was suspicious they might grab something from me so I decided to take as much photos as I can and leave the area.

IMG_5044 IMG_5042 cc7fbe0d-93b6-41d2-b064-5330a9c8dde0I was invited to visit Milan to attend the wedding of my friend’s friend. I’ve never been to Milan let alone attend an Italian wedding so it was pretty exciting. I suppose I was not dressed well for an Italian wedding, I mean c’mon it’s a highly fashion oriented city. Everybody was wearing nicely designed dresses, beautiful accessories while I on the other hand was wearing a one side black cross pleated dress, 3 inches high heeled sandals and no hat! I felt like I was really out of place haha.

A beautiful woman standing beside her boyfriend wearing yellow and black dress with black hat and black gloves caught my attention. She really looked Filipina but I wasn’t sure until she smiled at me and started talking in Tagalog. We were together the whole time and she was gracious to take us back to the hotel after the reception.

I love Italian weddings it’s not like western weddings where it’s highly sophisticated, expensive and so cheesy. Italians were very generous not only with their gifts but also with their time, most of the guests came from all over the world and most of them stayed all throughout the celebration. I’ve seen weddings especially Filipino weddings the guests only attend either the ceremony only or just the reception – but mostly they skip the ceremony and attend just the reception.

The bride obviously looked happy, the groom cried as his bride walked towards him. One thing I did notice was on their way out instead of throwing rose petals they threw grains of white rice. It was such a sight to behold watching them walked out of the church even the children on the playground next to the church got excited and asked for rice so they can throw at them as well.

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