Brave Heart I was in Edinvrgh!

Who could forget the movie of the century, Brave Heart? It’s the first thing we think of when we hear the word Scotland. It was my favorite movie when I was in high school. I never thought I could visit this place – not even in my wildest dreams.

It was Spring of 2013 when I went to Scotland, but oh was it was freezing! I already had three layers of clothing, gloves and a beanie and I still felt cold. I could even feel it inside my jeans to the point where I didn’t realize I dropped £40. I only noticed it when I got off the “hop on hop off” bus.

I couldn’t waste time. I wanted to see what the city looks like, but I almost had to go back to the hotel due to the freezing temperature. For someone from California (by way of the Philippines) it was really cold.



IMG_2095As I took a tour on the bus, in-between stops I bought some scarves for souvenirs. After one round I decided to get off and just start walking through the streets. King Philip’s statue greeted me as soon as I left my hotel. As I walked through Princess Street, looking at the buildings left and right, I was stunned with the beautiful buildings and almost didn’t notice how cold it was. It is beautiful beyond description! The city is packed with fascinating architecture. On almost every street you will see a neoclassical building. I was in awe the whole time I walked through the streets.

When I reached the magnificent Scottish monument I saw Edinburgh castle. I wanted to go there, but I decided to come back the following day since it was already dark.




c5373d6a-e7a7-4ff8-804d-d08e947ea2a8f258b32a-b4b3-47a2-ba08-fc80f3de68f5f7ee1112-6521-4af6-9183-64255eb5c055IMG_2080Although obviously an old structure the castle is beautiful. When I finally got to see it up close I was amazed. I’m glad I had cellphones with me in addition to my camera so I could take lots of photos.

Getting to the Calton Hill was relatively easy. The Old Calton Cemetery is home to a number of notables, including the philosopher David Hume, and in 1893 became the site of the first statue of Abraham Lincoln outside the US. I have to admit this time it was a bit of challenge because although there was sunlight it didn’t help much – it was so cold. You can probably see it in my photos: my skin looked saggy 😦

IMG_2092 IMG_2086 IMG_2082

After all the walking and getting on and off the bus, I bumped into Cebuano speaking folks. One, with a cute baby, was from Cebu, and another was from Luzon. The two of them took me to a market place where there’s live octopus, fresh fish and other seafood.  I always manage to meet Filipinos every time I travel but the bad thing this time is I didn’t get their names and although I wrote one email I still couldn’t find them in social media. Nonetheless, it was good to meet Filipinos.

I’ve been to many places, but if there is one place I’d like to revisit it would be Edinburgh. I will one day come back and build more memories of my visit to that beautiful city.



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