Netflix brought me to Palacio del la Magdalena

Lo and behold as soon as the sun came out I was in awe for hours and hours I could not get enough of its beauty.


I was hooked with the TV series in netflix called Gran Hotel. The scenic view of this place urged me to visit Santander, Cantabria Spain.

The star of the show Julio Olmedo / Julio Espinosa / Julio Molins characterized by Yon Gonzalez and Alicia Alarcón Aldecoa played by Amaia Salamanca, are both are preposterously beautiful.

I stayed in Santander overnight purposely just to visit the palace. Had I known how beautiful this place was I would’ve definitely cancelled my trip to Paris.I had this thinking that this is just a small place and there’s nothing else to see.I was wrong! I have never seen a place as beautiful as this.

I was tired when I arrived in Santander, I think my body was even confused of the time but I decided to take a bus at night just to know where exactly the palace is. I was walking through the boulevard I can hear the splashing of the waves “this should be beautiful in daylight,” I said.

It was about 5 in the morning or (at least I thought it was 5) but later on realized it was 3am! I went back to the palace and waited til the sunrise. Lo and behold as soon as the sun came out I was in awe for hours and hours I could not get enough of its beauty. We do have beautiful spots here in LA but this is too much! too beautiful, and in that moment I wished I cancelled my trip to Paris and stayed longer in Santander.


Finding my host and place to eat

I should’ve really listened to dada when he told me to learn Spanish. It was difficult to communicate in a foreign country if you don’t speak their language.

Since I left Madrid I haven’t really eaten anything. I was hoping I can eat some good food when I get to Santander. I followed what the landlady told me where eat. I looked at the menu but I don’t understand anything other than “patata” (potato). Despite my hesitation that it might be something I wouldn’t like, I decided to order it because I was already very hungry and my brain wasn’t working well.

Just as I thought what I ordered was, indeed patata and nothing else! I ended up eating just potato for dinner. I was almost got teary eyed eating just potato! my friend kryss who was still in Madrid told me I should have said I want “karne”. Let me tell you at that very moment I remember my brother’s joke about a filipino who travelled from Mindanao to Manila who doesn’t  speak tagalog. He overheard the lady on the next table ordered kanin (rice) so he did the same thing. But since that was the only word he knew, he kept ordering the same thing over and over until he realized he didn’t have viand so he whispered and complained to himself saying ” unsa man ni oi puro raman ni kanin walay sud in (viand). Instead of my crying while eating the patata I had to laugh.

Santander, Cantabria Spain

I am aware that many of Filipino words are the same as Spanish but I never realized the extent of it until I was compelled to do so. Like I had no choice it was a necessity! I had to think and think what else…what other Spanish words that I can think of and I”ll use it. I didn’t realize I can speak a whole sentence of spanish words using what I thought was just Filipino language.

(with mix of little English) ” I’m going to aeropuerto mañana, muy biahe ala una y medya” si? the lady responded si…klaro…

There you go! I did it…I did it!

IMG_2761 IMG_2746 IMG_2797 IMG_2828 Palacio de la Magdalena


Evidence that I went

Evidence that I went

Palacio de la Magdalena

As promised…Dada I'm here

As promised…Dada I’m here

Another jumping moment

Another jumping moment


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