Mi visita a Madrid Espanya

Imagine traveling all the way from Los Angeles to London for 10 hours, lay over for 7 hours before your next trip and finally arrived in Madrid at midnight only to realize there’s no lift in the apartment and you are left with no choice but to  carry your luggage all the way to the top floor. By the time I laid my back in bed I was really knackered and oh! I had jet lag so even if it was midnight my body was awake because it was daytime in Los Angeles.

Terribly hungry on my first day and breakfast was awful. We had paella with the expectation that it is great since we were in Madrid and where else can we get a better Paella than in Spain right? But to our dismay it was terrible…terrible! Can’t remember how much we paid but sure it wasn’t worth it.

“So tourisy- Calle de Mayor”

Calle de Mayor

Calle de mayor

This guy nearly kissed my friend. There’s nothing like it when you’re with your best friend and enjoy the place. The last time I saw Kristine was in  2011 when I visited Switzerland but it seems like we’ve always been seeing each other everyday, thanks to viber and whatsapp, Skype and other apps on phone and other technologies.

Rallyista el Madrid

I hate crowd. I never like being in a crowd but boy! This time I didn’t care after all I was on a holiday. I have to be honest, I did not mean to join any protest not here in the states let alone outside the country. I had no idea what the protest was all about but all I know was that I enjoyed being in a crowd that day raising my left hand. It was fantastic!

Rallyista in Madrid

Rallyista in Madrid

“Strangers and Condom”

A group of young men passed by, smiled and wanted to join our picture taking. One of them pulled something from his pocket and showed it to Kristine and asked if she knew what it was. Kristine acted liked she was unaware. The guy was actually holding a piece of condom on his hand and showed it to the camera. So…here goes the picture of the famous Spanish condom.


“Palacio de Real”

Our host was determined to take us to the palace without taking taxi. We successfully got to see the palace after few miles of walking.

Laugh and laugh until you ran out of breath

Laugh and laugh until you ran out of breath

Kristine insist we look like rich kids in this photo

Kristine insist we look like rich kids in this photo

Palacio de Real

Palacio de Real

Holding hands while walking

Holding hands while walking

Palacio de Real

Jump high after all you're at the palace

Jump high after all you’re at the palace



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