Does bad luck happen to you when you travel?

Arrival of Horrors in Paris

Exhausted from my trip from Madrid, with all the fiasco at the airport I was already like  rotten tomato by the time I arrived in Paris. It was cold, freezing actually and windy. My host was supposed to pick me up at the opera but I arrived earlier that expected so by the time he got to the bus stop I have already gone, I took a taxi to the apartment.

Using the code the landlord gave me I was able to enter the building. However, I was unable to find where the room was. Inside the old building was a dark hallway and high ceiling, I could not see anything from the inside other than the two staircase which says A and B. Since the code given to me started with A so I figured I will go up the stairs on the A side. Carrying my luggage I went up the stairs which was very steep up and spiral. When I reached the top floor all I can see is an open door which was full of tools! I was very scared so I decided to just knock any door hoping someone will open and help me. But why would anyone open their door to me, I could be a burglar right? let alone I was not speaking in French.

I was already crying at that moment I went back downstairs. Unable to figure out how to open the gate I decided to charge my phone and hoped to get a signal and communicate the landlord though whatsapp. After trying to randomly press buttons beside the iron gate I was able to open the gate and I didn’t let go of the door I grabbed my luggage and went out.

Fortunately, a cafe was still open outside, I asked a costumer for help “Excuse me, I’m a tourist…and I need help,” I said. The lady responded yes, how can I help? Previous experience in Paris tells me Parisians are rude especially if they know you’re an American but this time that lady proved me wrong. Not all Parisians are rude, it all depends on who you talk to (just like any race I guess). The lady was gracious to use her phone and contacted the landlord. I decided to stay outside the building…I aint going back inside the building without the landlord again.

Alas! After 20 minutes waiting the landlord arrived. Using the same code he gave me we got into the building and  instead of going to the stairs he pushed the next iron gate and voila! the apartment was actually at the back. See… all instructions were provided to me but as usual I’m being dumb  I didn’t pay attention so there’s my price…I got lost again. I told myself the accommodation better be good to compensate all the hassle.

As soon as I entered the house I saw a glass floor, ” oh wow! what is that? I asked.” The landlord said, “It’s  your bedroom.” Wow! so cool I can see my bedroom from the top floor! I could hear nothing inside my bedroom since it was underground. I didn’t get up the following day til 1pm. My accommodation was indeed not as bad as Ermita Manila.

Finally found the place where I stayed in Paris

Finally found the place where I stayed in Paris


Paris, France

Paris, France

Paris, France

Paris, France






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