A visit to Doc Martin’s surgery

Doc Martin fanatic

Doc Martin Port Isaac

Funny how the British officer at Gare du Nord asked me why I wanted to visit to the UK I said for leisure, how many days? I said three days.Which part of the UK you will go? he asked,  I said I’m going to Cornwall he was baffled looked surprised and asked if I have relatives there I said NO, if I recall it right I think he asked where will I stay so I said at a hotel. I don’t know why he was surprised and frankly I didn’t care. He asked have you been to the UK? I didn’t answer I had him do his work to look at my passport (duh this is my fourth time sir!).

This is another Netflix series obsession that led me to visit Port Isaac. I guarantee you many people in London doesn’t know where this place is. See I don’t go to places where everybody else goes. I live and work in a city and to travel to another country just to see another city is just a waste for me. Where there is green there I am.

The cottage it is!

taken at the top of the hill

taken at the top of the hill

Finally after four hours drive from Gloucester I arrived in Port Isaac. Leaving the car at the top of the hill was a surprise, I wondered for a second why but later realized that the roads were indeed narrow. I didn’t care if it was gloomy, by hook or by crook I have to see Doc Martin’s cottage haha!

Few walks from the hill finally saw the cottage from afar. I was ecstatic. I was like a child giggling I felt like I wanted to run right away and take as many pictures as I can. I won’t deny it wasn’t a good time to go on vacation to cold places like this but it didn’t matter to me. I was determined to go and see Doc Martin’s cottage.

It was a success to finally see it in person I could’ve stayed longer in the area if it didn’t rain and hail came as well. I Rushed to the car and left because I still had to travel for an hour to Treyarnon where stayed.

Doc Martin Port Isaac

Port Isaac

Doc Martin Port Isaac

Port Isaac

Doc Martin Port Isaac

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