A Charlie Hebdo moment

I was in Paris in the aftermath of the massacre, it was not a good time really to be in Paris at that time. I almost forgot to buy this magazine good thing I remembered it when I was at Gare du Nord station on my way to Londres. My friend asked me to buy as many as I can but by the time I realized there were only two copies left. I had no choice but to get whatever was left.

Charlie Hebdo magazine was so in demand during that time even people in London were crazy about it. Keep in mind I only had two copies and here’s another friend begging me to give him one copy. He wanted to give it to the guy who worked his kitchen for free and he is obsessed about France. This guy listens to French radio, learn the language and he is obsessed anything about France. Because he is doing work for him for free he wanted to give him something that he would be happy. Oh good Lord!

When I finally handed him the magazine I was almost in a tug of war, I was holding onto it as I smiled forcibly hahaha. Indeed when the guy saw it he can’t believe I’m giving it to him, I was happy though (honestly). He said thank you and I told him oh good I’m glad you’re happy to have it although deep inside I was crying. Nah! just kidding of course I was happy to make someone happy as well.

Jesus Charlie

Jesus Charlie

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